Michael Pippenger

As we return to the classroom and begin another academic year, the sense of excitement is palpable all over campus. In the past month, we have welcomed a record number of new international students and scholars from all over the world to Notre Dame. The gifts and strengths they bring benefit the community in countless ways. We have also sent out into the world another cohort of students studying abroad. Powered by their unparalleled undergraduate education, they are immersing themselves in new ways of learning across cultures and countries, gaining invaluable insights and experiences that will enrich and benefit us all. Our faculty are traveling, giving papers, sharing their research findings, conducting experiments, running workshops and symposia, building partnerships, and winning grant funding for their global research.

The excitement this year, however, is particularly noteworthy as the University begins to advance its new strategic framework that encourages and celebrates our aspirations as a global research university. In addition, NDI's new strategic plan is in good formation with the strategic framework and continues to showcase the University's expertise in global education. Let us think together, with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor about how best to be a part of this exciting adventure.

Whether you are a student, faculty member or administrator, I challenge you to imagine how you can be a critical partner in making the University of Notre Dame a more global institution. My hope is that in reading and learning about the wonderful work of our faculty and students around the world in this annual review, you’ll be inspired in your own work, research, and scholarship to advance the University’s global mission, vision, and leadership together.

Here's to another year filled with even greater accomplishments and a deepened commitment to global collaboration.

In Notre Dame,

Michael Pippenger
Vice President & Associate Provost for Internationalization

  • 1,453 students who studied abroad through NDI programs
  • 257 students who participated in Global Engagement Programs
  • 2,295 undergraduate & graduate student travel registrations processed
  • 63 awarded NDI research grants
  • 1,700+ international students from 100+ countries
  • 2,137 faculty & staff travel registrations